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WNBA Offseason

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Diana Taurasi’s ban for doping was lifted by the Turkish Basketball Association where she plays in the offseason of the WNBA.Which begs the question, how bad is the WNBA that you have to go to Turkey to make money?

I’ve decided to see what other WNBA players are doing to make money in the offseason.

Lauren Jackson is earning extra scratch by working in a Chinese coal mine. Careful Lauren, the boys tend to get frisky in the dark!

Cappie Pondexter flew to Indonesia to be a dumpster scavenger. You think running on sand is hard? Try running up a mountain of garbage.

Swin Cash is sifting through silt looking for blood diamonds in Sierra Leone. Looks like even a professional athlete can’t keep up with those guys.

Saddest of all, Chamique Holdsclaw had to go work in a brothel in the Red Light District in Amersdam. It’s gonna be a long off season.

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    So Funny.

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