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Michael Vick, Turn that Crime Upside Down!

From a mural on Allegheny Avenue in Philadelphia

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Eagles Fans have embraced Michael Vick with all his flaws, and made lemonade from dead dogs. What better way to taunt the other team than by saying, “Our quarterback is gonna kill you like a bunch of puppies.”, when your quarterback actually kills puppies.

With so many borderline criminals in the NFL other fan bases should turn their star player’s frowns upside down.

Ray Lewis and friends stabbed to death two men outside an Atlanta nightclub. Hey Ravens fans, start yelling at the other teams quarterback, “Ray Lewis is gonna sack you so hard you’re gonna look like those guys he killed outside an Atlanta nightclub.”

Donte Stallworth, while driving over the legal limit, struck and killed a pedestrian. Bad for a regular person, awesome for a wide receiver. What fan doesn’t want a receiver that will kill to get where he’s going?

What do rape and football have in common? They’re both about violating someone’s personal space.

Look Plaxico is a moron. This is the best I can do.

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