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Top 5 Best Walt Clyde Frazier Suits

This is dedicated to NBA Legend and Knicks Broadcaster, Walt Clyde Frazier.

While fellow broadcaster Craig Sager goes for shock value.

Walt can make over the top seem like understated elegance. Here are my Top 5 Walt Clyde Frazier suits:

5. Double Breasted Leather

At 6′ 4″ of leather he’s probably wearing a suit that weighs more than the guy next to him.

4. Pink Inferno

It’s not a suit, but what jacket could withstand the open fire of pink flames.

3. The Prowler

They might have cleaned up Times Square but they’re still pimps in Madison Square Garden.

2. The USDA Prime Cut

While you’re wearing a leather jacket, Walt Clyde is wearing the damn cow!

1. The Straight Magician

What makes him a magician? He’s not a superhero, but still gets laid in a cape.

Honorable Mention to Darryl Dawkins at 2011 All Star Game for:

The Chocolate Silk Shake

Finally a suit that says me so fashionable.

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