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A Modern Romance

Every woman wants to be told she’s worth a million dollars. Mahmoud means it.

Excerpt from the book:

No one had ever talked to her that way. When Mahmoud said, “I fucking kill you.” her heart melted. 

He wasn’t just a malnourished terrorist. He had a sensitive side, like when he cleaned his gun. Watching those delicate hands oiling the gun barrel, she thought, “Oh!, how I want to be Mahmoud’s Kalishnikov and have him fire me in the air for no good reason. Use me Mahmoud. Use me to pistol whip the faces of those that don’t understand our love.”

Sometimes love points a gun at your heart, ties it up, and forces it to pee in a bucket during a 12 day stand off.

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2 Responses to “A Modern Romance”

  1. This is great!
    Fabio really didn’t age well/!

  2. Mo Diggs says:

    It’s like my Chechen rebel pen pal always said: “Never put the poot on a pedestal.”

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