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Mussolini tells Hitler, “Stop biting my style!”

According to the newly published diaries of Mussolini’s mistress Clara Petacci, Mussolini got annoyed at people comparing him to Hitler. Mussolini is quoted as boasting in August 1938. “I have been a racist since 1921. I don’t know how they can think I’m imitating Hitler.” [full story]

I should be the most famous racist. Hitler's all media hype.

Mussolini just told Hitler a killer guido joke

 The diaries bring to light how much his mistress loved and cared for him. Walter Audisio, who shot Mussolini, said, “I did not have the impression that I was shooting a human being.” He was surprised when Mussolini trembled. Benito Mussolini shouldn’t be remembered as an evil man. He should be remembered as just another dickhead in a silly hat.


I'm gonna get those Deltas for ruining Faber University


Never Trust Dudes who Dress Up

Never Trust Dudes who Dress Up

Still holding on to his "I run shit" stick

Pretty Good Prank

Putting the scepter in his dead hand is genius. It’s like a really high brow version of writing BITCH on your passed out friend’s forehead.

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