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Albert Pujols and The Human Spectrum

While everyone is worried about Albert Pujols contract here’s something nobody is talking about: Pujols hosts a down syndrome bowling night every year. It’s called Hitters and Splitters(for obvious reasons).

Perfect game say hello to the genetic seven ten split.

This is literally the entire range of humanity. Albert Pujols, the best baseball player, and a kid with down syndrome. We all fall somewhere in the middle.

Here are the first two notches in that spectrum.

I don’t know how, but the one on the right looks like the more responsible one.

Even Filipino Down Syndrome kids love bowling, it’s the international language of Downy.

Bocce ball, proof that hipsters and retards love the same things.

A Down Syndrome woman in 2006 even participated in the USBC Women’s bowling championship:

If Downies can compete with regular people then I guess that means we’re all retarded at the bowling alley.

More importantly this guy, Norm Duke is one of the greatest bowlers of all time. They claim he’s not retarded.

The evidence says otherwise.

Many Pro Bowlers really blur the line between whose retarded and whose not.

They say this guy isn’t retarded.

And this guy is.

I can’t tell the difference.

If you know more pro bowlers that look retarded send their pictures to

In the meantime, All hail Wes the Bowling King!

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2 Responses to “Albert Pujols and The Human Spectrum”

  1. yo says:

    Yo, that’s not a bocce ball.
    It’s a candlepin bowling ball.
    get that shit straight, ahole.

  2. Flagrum says:

    So, you are using pictures of the mentally and physically handicapped to try and be funny? YOU ASS.

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