Mixtape in Heaven

R.I.P NU$$IE my nigga!!!!but we go keep u livin through this raw ass rap game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May he sell CD’s to the angels, out the back of  his cloud.

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3 Responses to “Mixtape in Heaven”

  1. hecta g. says:

    nu$$ie is the guy who police say rapper lil boosie hired some young dude to kill him. he might serve life in prison because of it, just a little info on that.

  2. dan goodman says:

    Yo thats insane, I knew Boosie was in trouble but i didn’t know it was for having someone killed. Boosie might be saying wipe me down in the state penn. Check out his legal defense from wikipedia, ” While Boosie’s defense addressed the fact that the Warner Brothers/Asylum/Trill rapper has several ongoing cases, they emphasized that he is not a murderer” I like a he’s bad but not that bad defense. Hecta, thanks much for turning on to this story and thanks for showing love on the site.

  3. Realist J. Obvious says:

    Nu$$ie? NU$$IE?

    Naw, obviously its Pu$$ie- a daid poosie!

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