Midget Mac

Welcome to 2 da world of Midget Mac

Where everyday is a good day.

Who knew someone so small could live so large.

You gotta rap when you’re gonna die soon.

In olden days nobody was surprised to see a midget rhyme.

After the show you know it’s vip.

Midget Mac gives his women a fairytale lifestyle. Well, all midgets do.

Midget Mac cares about his fans.

Especially the ones with tits.

Do you have idea how big human tits look when you’re a midget?

Seriously, what else are you gonna look at.

Midget rapper and Japanese fans. That’s a no brainer.

Something so unnatural looking so natural.

Ya heard! His name is Midget Mac not Midget Mac Dudes.

Bitch you better twitter about that shit.

The chances he didn’t just say something nasty, zero.

Actual Caption, "midget mac & lucky fan !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Stripper White and the Seven Figga Dwarf.

You know what happens when you feed Midget Macs henny after midnight.

Middle fingers and pussy.

Yeah, no shit things are going well.

That’s the life of Midget Mac. Hard to Believe Dat!

Half you’re size but living twice as good.

Follow MidgetMac on Twitter. It’s a good time. http://twitter.com/midgetmacmrvh1

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10 Responses to “Midget Mac”

  1. JDisla® says:

    Hot Site.. Love the pics.. funny Sh*t!!

  2. joe says:

    hopefully he falls over dead soon the suspense is killing me

  3. dan goodman says:

    I’d like to believe suspense is killing him too, and not his tiny toy organs. Thanks for the love the site. Party!

  4. Raze says:

    I love this site too. Gives me something to do when I come home at 2 am not ready to sleep.

  5. wtf says:

    Someone needs to punt that little fucker back to Africa

  6. [...] called Big Mac, cause the name Midget Mac was taken. [click here] Actual Caption, "LITTLE MAN BIG [...]

  7. [...] called Big Mac, cause the name Midget Mac was taken. [click here] Actual Caption, "LITTLE MAN BIG [...]

  8. Alvin Steffey - Dallas Fashionista says:

    Oh My Goodness
    He is so homely and dirty ghetto! Ick!
    I’m a blue eyed prince and not a nasty old dirty midget like this joke.
    Shame on you all for making fun of someone so obviously retarded.

    • Frank G$$$ says:

      @Alvin – He’s definitely not retarded. He gets more pussy in a day then I got in a lifetime…and I’m married (9 years).

  9. Tommy out o the closet says:

    Hotel Queen Leona Helmsley reportedly once said “Tom Cruise is a fag.”

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