16 Fever Cocksucka

Actual Caption, "16 FEVER COCKSUCKA"

I have no idea what it means, and why it’s not a movie.

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6 Responses to “16 Fever Cocksucka”

  1. [...] a totally awesome site if you want to know what it feels like to have a gun pointed at you… or flashed in your general vicinity.  Or maybe you want to see what your baby would look [...]

  2. xavier says:

    16 bullets in a standard clip.

  3. [...] gem of a site is totally awesome *if* you want to know what it feels like to have a gun pointed at you… or flashed in your general vicinity; or maybe you want to see what your baby would look like [...]

  4. dan goodman says:

    Yeah you’re probably right, but cocksucka fever still makes a hell of a phrase.

  5. laminator says:

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  6. Shirly U. Jest says:

    Caption translation:

    He just sucked 16 cocks at gunpoint.

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