Great Nicknames are Earned not Given

Actual Caption, "hide the drank from bubba..."

Not many black Bubbas, but he’s definitely the one.

Actual Caption, "suggaman still bigg pimpin!!!!!!!"

I think Sugaman needs more starches.

Actual Caption, "Stage Couch"

Stage Couch. The story behind that nickname ends with him laughing and you staring in horror.

Actual Caption, "Prez"

Rough first term?

Actual Caption, “my nigga kent easy”

I’d like to introduce to everyone, Kent Easy, the Ghetto Lebowski.

How good of a name is Kent Easy. You hear it and you instantly think cheap cigarettes and fun, the peas and carrots of a good time.

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One Response to “Great Nicknames are Earned not Given”

  1. dickface says:

    these folk, with definite excepting the amputee and sling blade, or “stagecoach”, look like a fun bunch to hang with.

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