Money Hungry

Are you hungry?

Did you wash your hands? Good.

Dinner is served. Cash with a side of Newports.

His favorite.

A napkin is always a good idea.

Otherwise you’re gonna make a mess.

Don’t stuff your face.

One at a time.

And don’t talk with your mouth full!

When I was a teenager I liked to eat in my room.

Mom makes the best sandwiches.

The Dagwood.

When you’re money hungry, you need to buy groceries.

I ate the last stack!

Breakfast for dinner? Doesn’t really matter when all you do is eat money.

Frozen Food.

Bachelor pad money. He’s needs a good woman to cook his money.

Eating out is fun.

Try international cuisine.

It sucks when you gotta eat in your car.

Don’t eat in your bed, singles stuck get in the covers.

Money soup.

Chef tasting his work.

An apertif goes lovely with a money meal.

Or a nice Chianti.

If you’re invited to a potluck, you’re expected to bring something.

Besides, if there are leftovers you can always heat them up.

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One Response to “Money Hungry”

  1. FloJo says:

    Gross don’t they know how dirty money is.

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