Club Harsh Reality

Club Illusions
When the lights come on there ain’t no illusions.

From left to rightL: Lil Nasty, Cherry, Big Slump, and Mane Mane. They’re all in the new horror movie Club Illusionz, “You came to get your swerve on. Now the club is gonna swerve on you!”

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4 Responses to “Club Harsh Reality”

  1. Doda says:

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  2.   March 22, 2013Oh, sis­ter. We were sep­a­rated at birth, I’m sure of it. I was born into the worst-case-scenario-kingdom. I often wres­tle with that neg­a­tive, autopi­lot think­ing. My oper­at­ing sys­tem was set long before I was diag­nosed with PTSD, so I had decades of unchal­lenged, imag­i­na­tive hor­rors that I played over and over in my sub­con­scious pretty much day and night. When I entered recov­ery (almost 7 years ago –yay!), I had to work really hard to stay aware of my thoughts. It’s exhaust­ing work, but well worth the emo­tional sta­bil­ity it produces.The prob­lem with prac­ticed neg­a­tive imag­i­na­tion is it takes root in a nano-second, and before I know it I’m sit­ting in yet another funeral or at the scene of a car acci­dent, etc,. The dou­ble whammy is these sce­nar­ios aren’t com­pletely far-fetched. I did get that phone call that my best friend was killed by a drunk dri­ver. My mom did get brain can­cer and died. So, my past real­i­ties aren’t fic­tion and they play a huge part in the work I still need to do in this area.One help­ful thing I’ve dis­cov­ered over the past few years is pur­posely set­ting my mind on hope­ful imag­i­na­tions. I do this through read­ing scrip­ture and using my imag­i­na­tion for good and won­der­ful med­i­ta­tions (guided imagery). It’s scary to let myself go into a pos­i­tive realm because I don’t want to be caught off guard by another bad thing hap­pen­ing. (part of the resid­ual reac­tion to trauma). But I’ve found it to be very help­ful in the inter­rup­tion of habit­ual bad thinking.It’s the work of recov­ery, right? I sup­pose that’s why they call it work.Great post. Love your writing…

  3. To the women who had the abortion of the 13 week old babe in her womb mentioned in your book. Do you ever think of her? Do you ever wonder about her? The hand that touched her belly. I hope oneday my hand can wipe her tears. Is there room at the cross for her without judgement, but tangible mercy? Mercy so free of judgment that pro-lifers won’t look at her in disgust in silence within their hearts {the griminess and guilt of her sin}. …I will pray for her. I will devoutly pray for every post aborted woman who needs the cross more than the blameless do. How do you think she would feel reading about her experience and your experience in your book one day? Your book was awesome!! The best pro-God life changing God material I have ever read. The real stuff. The real compassion. Your heart is compassionate – stay there Abby. Please- please-please stay there. You will see much controversy from pro-lifers. Abby just run to the cross. Run to the cross. I think of the girl lying down on that abortion table. She needs that cross…One day as she picks up to read your book.I just can’t stop thinking of her… {Lord I feel that gut-wretch pain}…“O Father, break her fall – break that strong fall. {the guilt of her sin will eat her up if no one reaches out to her tangibly when she feels all the weight of sin).”Lord have mercy because post aborted women will be prompted and triggered by all of this. If we look up in the direction of Moses, Paul and King David’s teachings – then the Lord uses the women lying on the table. He chooses the weak {the –weak, the feeble} to confound the wise..Abby, I still remember crying hysterically {HYSTERICAL} when my doctor (the abortionist) saw me before going in. He said, “It will all be over soon- the pain will cease. This is very tough. And he patted me on the shoulder. He actually had concern on his face for me. I really thought that he was against me (from Pl’s), but in actual fact (years later) he really thought he was helping a 15 yr old teenager. It was all out of ignorance.Or am I just being ignorant to not show him that same mercy of jesus. I need to sit on this fence. The fence that divides so unsympathetically…..He died years later; and all I can do is cry out to God. “Lord, I pray he called out to you. Lord I pray he is surrounded by children in heaven doting on him in service to the Lord, I pray he is free…free Lord!!!!{i know that sounds kind of foolish saying that}.” But if God is timeless, then he heard my prayer before he ev

  4. Alakazaam-information found, problem solved, thanks!

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