Judgement Day

With so many thugs getting this tattoo, you’d think Jesus would at least return the favor.

He’s definitely gonna drop a couple albums after death.

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5 Responses to “Judgement Day”

  1. Big Jones says:

    That bottom pic is just fucking WRONG.

  2. Ring Leader says:

    Jones is right.
    That is absolutely wrong and blasphemous, too.

  3. Chump says:

    That bottom picture really pisses me off. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  4. Lolhypocrits says:

    Wait. Only conservative christians visit this racist ass site?
    Fuck all of you hypocritic fuckwads.

    Also, the bottom picture is amazing, but it should tots say “Saint Life”

  5. Smackers says:

    Hey “lolhypocrits”, (nice misspell)

    See the guy in the top picture? BLOW HIM, FAG!

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