I don’t know if you know this, but Scarface is pretty popular in tha ‘Hood.

He speaks to tha hood’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Actual Caption, "Inspiration to many"

He’s like a thug Jesus.

Actual Caption, "I cock back my shit!"

With his own teachings.

Actual Caption, “No Comparison, I stay strapped”

I don’t think not staying strapped was Scarface’s problem.

Some kids don’t want a Michael Jordan poster.

He’s like a Star Wars fan, except his memorabilia is real.

Scarface doesn’t discriminate, all kinds of poor people like him.

After Scarface, Italians stopped hanging up pictures of the pope.

At certain point you wonder if anyone remembers who Al Pacino is.

The merchandise has exceeded the man.

It’s not a movie, it’s a lifestyle.

If they’re really fans of the movie, shouldn’t thugs all be wearing white tuxedos?

Finally a motorcycle that lets you look and sound like a dick.

Actual Caption, "resting spot (sometimes no rest)"

That’s about as deep as someone with Scarface bed sheets can get.

Well here’s his problem. Those things are just going to dig into your back all night.

Actual Caption, "u c my nigga thugn stupid fresh he gne take yo girl so watch her (tell me he aint a stunta u trippn)"

Get em started on the classics young.

And they’ll grow up to make their own classics.

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