My Nigga SpongeBob

Actual Caption, "Me and my nigga sponge bob gagnsta as hell"

Yes this is happening.


Which means this is happening.

Sponges ain’t soft nigga.

Actual Caption, "i go hard spongebob nigga u a lame"

Cartoon chains, the perfect way to let people know you’re young and rich.

Actual Caption, "my nigga gotta love patrick and spongebob"

Whats sad about this is children don’t drive or design cars.

Of course a sponge gets bitches wet.

Actual Caption, "they just call me spongebob"

Hoops are out, square pants are in.

Like Cinderella, you’ll never forget a ho in SpongeBob nails.

Actual Caption, "i go hard spongebob.....nigga yall lames!!!im ready"

I’ll tell you what I’m not ready for, a guy in a SpongeBob jacket calling me lame.

Actual Caption, "o u ni66az just thought aj was a preTty boy nall my ni66a da pump blow yo back out"

What do a talking a sponge and a kid with a shotgun have in common? Neither one should exist.

Actual Caption, "Nigga I got army guns!!!"

KISS has an army, so why can’t SpongeBob.

Welcome to the Sponge-Bocalypse.

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One Response to “My Nigga SpongeBob”

  1. william frost says:

    my son aint watchin that cartoon no mo!!!lol

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