Hell Boy

Actual Caption, "my son hell"

So much depends on the punctuation. Is it my son hell? As in it’s tough raising a kid with a shotgun.

Or is it, my son, hell! As in golly gee I’m a bad parent.

Or could it be, my son Hell? As in my son won’t have friends till he starts a metal band.

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2 Responses to “Hell Boy”

  1. Bombardier says:

    The photographer was shot before the caption could be finished.

    The attempted caption was “My son, he’ll shoot me if I don’t let him bang me in my…” BOOM!

  2. Shavin' Dave says:

    Awwwwwwwww, Lil’ De’shondarnartavrious’s FIRST home invasion robbery! I’m SO glad we got a picture of the moment!

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