Sportz Fanz

Clemson’s never been to the Final Four, looks like he has a plan.

Yankee Fans are always cocky.

The jersey might be a throwback, but the guns are state of the art.

Actual Caption, "I miss it so much went n got it on my neck.."

Too bad Lebron didn’t feel this way.

This has to be a NCAA violation.

If that wasn’t, this one definitely is.

The 76ers haven’t been this hard since Mahorn and Barkley were on the same team.

One of Sir Charles’s ladies in waiting.

It ain’t a real Iverson throwback till someone’s waving a gun.

So I’d expect to see Atlanta in this mix.

But who knew Cincinnati goes this hard.

Actual Caption, "cincinnati go getta trap all day sleep all night"

Pete Rose might have some competition for the title of Charlie Hustle.

You think Jordan forgot about his father.

It all starts in high school.

But you’re gonna have to aim high if you want to play division one ball.

If you look closely, he’s a two sport fan.

Definitely not a fair weather fan.

Actual Caption, "R.I.P DH.B Mike Loved by many Hated by 1"

“Loved by Many, Hated by 1″, I think that’s always been Al Davis’s motto. Well that, or the reverse.

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