Annes Geddes Bitch

Anne Geddes is famous for taking photos like these.

This is the hood’s version of Anne Geddes.

A Tulip before it blooms…and gets rich.

Money doesn’t grow on trees it grows on babies.

Lil Morning Glory.

Some flowers only bloom at night.

Enough money to clean up that outie.

Must be a child support issue.

Guap-a-pillar before he becomes a beautiful playa-fly.

Time to trim that money bush.

When the branches get heavy, it’s almost harvest time.

You ever see a tree eat it’s own fruit.

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One Response to “Annes Geddes Bitch”

  1. Smiley says:

    Do this ignorant people dont know how much bacteria and germs are in those bills? No wonder they are all ethnic.

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