Gwap Circles

In the hood unknown people have been making gwap circles.

300 dollars is enough to say fuck you.

Apparently, Life and Fuck You are worth same amount.

The price of fame: $2600 dollars.

If you look carefully he ran out of money on the letter E.

I don’t know what looks worse on a kitchen floor, this or the real thing.

Actual Caption, "MONEY OVER BITCHES!"

Great art gives you something to think about.

(btw thats $4600)

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3 Responses to “Gwap Circles”

  1. hecta g. says:

    nice. hahah

  2. Raze says:

    I guess it wouldn’t be a good time to tell the they spelled “famous” and “yo” wrong.

  3. Raze says:

    Or nevermind I see that says “hoe”

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