Booty Cup

Okay I am officially hypnotized.

You wanna give the booty a sense of scale.

Fuck a can, put a 24 pack on that thing.

This makes the women above seem classy.

Sorry. This makes makes the women above seem classy.

She wins the trashy booty contest cause there’s actually trash on her butt.

It’s kind of funny when your friend does it.

It’s not funny when your son does it.

Wow she just summed up every liquor ad in one shot.

I get it, you’re saying your booty looks big.

But you’re sending the wrong message with this one.

It’s not bestiality if you just want to fuck the ass and don’t mind that the ferret is there.

Sometimes it’s just good sit and think about how big your booty is.

Ass so fat you can tailgate with it.

Ass so phat it’s a t.v. tray.

Actual Caption, "It Ain't No Ass, But She Can Sit A Cup On It."

Oh, wow! Not much can make this picture worse, but those laughing Sponge Bobs sure don’t help.

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4 Responses to “Booty Cup”

  1. mmm…that last one looks nice and healthy. It’s supposed to be all veiny like that, right?

  2. Frank G $$$ says:

    It’s obvious that sponge bob don’t give a fuck.

  3. hecta g. says:

    theres some alright butts here. lol.

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