It’s starts so innocently.

101 pitbulls.

See they are good with kids.

But unfortunately there are two kinds of pit bull owners.

We’re gonna focus on this kind.

The owners are always more terrifying than the dogs.

It all starts with a litter.

Behold the chosen pit.

In literature they call this foreshadowing.

Like any dog they grow up with you.

I think they were gang initiated at the same time.

Actual Caption, "me n ma lil brother'

They become part of the family.

You try feeding that Tofurkey.

Actual Caption, "our bottom bitch"

You love them like a baby momma.

But there comes a time when your demon dog has to fulfill his destiny.

Train hard.

You need to be able to grab the nuts of a ten foot tall man.


Take a break.

But then it’s right back to work.

And you gotta train year round.

This is what life is all about.

Rest up, you’re almost there.

I think he’s ready for the next level.

The weigh in.

On your mark…

Get set…

Actual Caption, "LORD OF KAOS-- N --- SCAR$ FACE 2001"

Go hard.

Actual Caption, "MY FIRST FIGHT!!! Leg wound"

Actual Caption, "pitbull prayer"

Dogs live the lives of their owners, and thug life ain’t forever.

A fly bitch’s bodyguard, the only happy ending for these modern day gladiators.

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3 Responses to “Pitbullz”

  1. hey says:

    Did you report the fighting/wounded pictures to the police? I assume there were identifying factors on the owners myspace pages?

  2. Rachelle says:

    This page is bullshit and makes me really sad to think of how these poor babies are treated :(

  3. Rachelle says:

    These arent real men anyway… If they were, they’d fight themselves and not use these beautiful babies to prove their toughness! POS!

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