Exhibit A

Can Myspace be used as evidence? Better use the LOL defense.

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6 Responses to “Exhibit A”

  1. dickface says:

    what a dumb nigger. fuck the cops. he should be thankful that there are laws keeping people like me from finding him.

  2. Crixus says:

    GTFOH calling this man a “nigger” knowing damn well your scary cracker ass would cross the street if you saw him coming. Yall white folks KILL ME with this anonymous internet thuggery.

  3. YesWeKlan says:


    That stupid nigger has already been shot and killed.

    You’re welcome.

    • alldayallnight says:

      Welcome for what, boy? Did you hang yourself after you anonymously attacked part of the human race? What exactly are you trying to prove by sharing your half-witted thoughts with the world? How about you segregate yourself from life. Eat a thousand dicks, then eat some buck-shot out of a 10 gauge. You fucking simpleton.

  4. GhettoMyspace says:

    I agree that dude is a moron, this site is for fun not for hate. And for christ sake if youre gonna be racist, at least be funny

  5. Shavin' Dave says:

    YO- you callin’ mah dead nigga a HUMAN? Sup wit dat, CRACKAH!

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