Gang Bang

It’s always pretty hot.

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10 Responses to “Gang Bang”

  1. hecta g. says:

    wtf. this pic is wrong on so many levels.

  2. joe b says:

    when people like this post SHIT like this online,
    it realy validates steriotypes. this is a perfect example of why there is racism in america. poepl dont think and dont know how to act, wakeup call. they are not steriotypes they are facts.

  3. Raze says:

    Everyone knows that perpetuating stereotypes is so gangsta!

  4. Raze says:

    The bitch who agreed to pose for the pic is just as guilty.

  5. Shaking my head says:

    Damn nigras.

  6. thats racist as hell then again she knew what she was getting her self into shes the dumb ass whos letting her self get treated that way

  7. White & Proud says:

    Fuck that. If she can’t see where she’ll end up mixing with those mongrels, she deserves whatever she has coming to her. Statistics don’t lie….

  8. Dr. Womac says:

    Whether you realize it or not, this picture makes many white folks want to shoot negroes.

  9. grundelmonster says:

    Just so you know this post will be paid in blood. You see, the forgiving part of white people was held by our women they WERE WRONG. THEY FELT MERCY FOR ANIMALS THAT THOUGHT THEMSELVES PEOPLE. When their fathers come for vengeance, when their blood lust is paid. The rest of us. The educated , powerful segment of the white community will defend them. The time is coming. We will concede to a lot. DO NOT, however, play with our wives, daughters and sisters. WE will kill your children. We will rape your mothers. We will make the times of old slavery look as if they were heaven on Earth. There in lies the fairy tale. Heaven does not exist for animals such as yourselves. Monkeys, apes, and other lessers do not have the self consciousness to achieve higher enlightenment. It would be cruel to grant eternity to a dog as all it knows is instinct. KNOW THIS, we are coming, we are armed, we will burn all you hold dear. The jew who props this site up thinks this may be funny, until the blood of hundreds of monkeys drips across his hands, We destroyed the indians. We took over Africa. We will burn all you hold to be true just to drink the crocodile tears of your inferior race. I will bathe in the blood of your infants. I will drink the sovereignty of your whores. I will TASTE THE PAIN OF YOUR MOTHERS. I will do things that will make the devil himself puke. You are out of your league and you have awoken the great beast. There is no solace in Heaven or earth for your subhuman kind. I ride. I ride towards you. HELL FOLLOWS AFTER ME!>

  10. One of his dad’s favorite stories is the three of us walking past a television in the Castro district of San Francisco and Evan yelling, ‘Hey, that’s Mary Martin. And remember it’s a must that the DJ is aware of their crowd in case of emergency – can’t be all fucked up
    (high & drunk) not paying attention and then on top of that can’t change your mood music cuz all you brought was the
    bang bang four on the floor. Wonder why the wax DJ
    that played before you played the same songs you were going to play, because you’re both playing music from a
    limited choice of records.

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