Gang Bang

It’s always pretty hot.

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6 Responses to “Gang Bang”

  1. hecta g. says:

    wtf. this pic is wrong on so many levels.

  2. joe b says:

    when people like this post SHIT like this online,
    it realy validates steriotypes. this is a perfect example of why there is racism in america. poepl dont think and dont know how to act, wakeup call. they are not steriotypes they are facts.

  3. Raze says:

    Everyone knows that perpetuating stereotypes is so gangsta!

  4. Raze says:

    The bitch who agreed to pose for the pic is just as guilty.

  5. thats racist as hell then again she knew what she was getting her self into shes the dumb ass whos letting her self get treated that way

  6. One of his dad’s favorite stories is the three of us walking past a television in the Castro district of San Francisco and Evan yelling, ‘Hey, that’s Mary Martin. And remember it’s a must that the DJ is aware of their crowd in case of emergency – can’t be all fucked up
    (high & drunk) not paying attention and then on top of that can’t change your mood music cuz all you brought was the
    bang bang four on the floor. Wonder why the wax DJ
    that played before you played the same songs you were going to play, because you’re both playing music from a
    limited choice of records.

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