Thug Reflections

Sometimes you gotta take a long hard, REALLY HARD,  look at yourself.

Actual Caption, "play wit pussy or play pussy. dont let this girly shit fool u. i'm still Lo~Key daughter. so bitch don"

It helps you remember who you are.

Actual Caption, "I Aint Gettin Shot No More....Datz REAL!!!!!!"

It’s also a great time to set goals.

Actual Caption, "Fucc wit me or my fam you'll be seein this picture in person!!!!"

Don’t be afraid to let other people know you like to reflect.

Reflection can help notice small details, like Scarface in the bathroom.

Think about how your friends see you.

And look at things from all angles.

Sometimes you need a second opinion.

Don’t forget, haters are closer than they appear.

Fuck Reflection, some moments you just need to record.

Actual Caption, "pussy monster young jay"

Take a long hard look in the mirror. You might like what you see.

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