Please Support Skinja

Hey I’m making a movie, please follow our progress on Facebook and Tumblr:

Skinja: You can't spell assassin without ass, ass, and sin

If you don’t understand why I’m posting my ninja stripper movie on GhettoMyspace I got no help for ya.

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4 Responses to “Please Support Skinja”

  1. Nay says:

    No comments?! Broke ass axing for money and nobody has shit to say? Shameful shit, lurking muthafuckas.

  2. ScoobDooBlinz says:

    Man, these peeps in all these pics got stax an u been ampin they shit, right? Get them to put in on this flick man! U gettin the pix SOMEWHERE, yup? Well, sent them a line about how famous this shits gonna be and get them to put some billz onnit, ya dig?

  3. Crixus says:

    So thats it then Dan? No more updates? Total site abandonment? How unfortunate for us all who lurk here….

  4. hectaG says:

    can i get an update??

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