Yup, It’s a Dude

A young gay black man has limited role models.

So he’s gonna mimic the next best thing.

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4 Responses to “Yup, It’s a Dude”

  1. Mc Wanger says:

    Picture #1-
    Shawndelius (AKA “Lil’ sukemoff”) holds as much splooge in his mouth as possible before donating it to the local sperm bank.

    Picture #2-
    Him/her/it/whatever showing off the OTHER splooge receptical capable of holding up to 5.3 gallons.
    Also, that’s NOT a lollipop in his mouth- it’s a turd on a stick, because he loves the taste of ass so much.

  2. D says:

    Where the fuck is Wallace??

  3. POKE says:


  4. Bill Okama says:

    Obama’s High School pictures.

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