Welcome to the world of ICP, Insane Clown Parenting.

Actual Caption, "My Lil Ninja!!"

Fuck you Sweden, America’s got the best post natal care.

Actual Caption, "my boy startin the nest generation woop woop"

He’s doing better than the kid in the ICP onesy that’s not autographed.

Actual Caption, "My LiL Jugga Baby"

I spy with my little eye a guy dressed to make me cry.

Actual Caption, "Zaden wit His daddy Cracka conrad"

He looks sad, so I guess there’s hope for this kid.

Actual Caption, "my lil ninja"

Now that he has daddy’s shirt he just needs an energy drink and partial employment.

Actual Caption, "its a hard life for a juggalittle"

Don’t these people know clowns are a baby’s natural enemy?

Pouring out a little purple drink for all my aborted juggalos.

If you put that chain around my neck I’d make the exact same face.

Actual Caption, "clown dad"

I can’t tell which one is more pre-mature.

I wouldn’t look at my dad either if he dressed that way.

Actual Caption, "My lil Lo"

The terrible two’s, the only time you’re gonna enjoy rap-rock.

Actual Caption, "My gummiebear. Thats right u know what it is"

Remember Juggalos are our future. Seriously remember that.

Actual Caption, "straight up juggababy"

Just crossed eyes? How do none of these kids have a cleft palate?

Actual Caption, "A juggalo birthday"

What better way to celebrate the first year of fucking your kid’s life up.

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  1. Crixus says:

    I dont know whats worse, these misguided pictures or this

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