R.I.P. Pie

Actual Caption, "lil pie"

This is Pie, he died, but he was loved by many.

He was so popular he had cheerleaders at the funeral.

Actual Caption, "Pie's Angels"

They’re called Pie’s Angels.

They have other dead guys on their clothes. Maybe they’re professional mourners?

Really blurring the line between a funeral and a club night.

She really cared. Fellas give her some room.

Actual Caption, "time alone with pie"

Syke, I ain’t crying.

Pie I just want to tell you…

I love you…

…And you’re the shit…

…And I got a new man.

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2 Responses to “R.I.P. Pie”

  1. Shockwave says:

    Bye bye Pie,
    tuff sheeit yo hadda die,
    Ain’t no one gonna cry
    dey pop a cap tween yo eyes,
    now ya aint headed fo da sky

    jus anudda fag wif skin of brown,
    thot you was tough, thot yo was git down,
    then you raped yo own mammy in ghetto-town,
    now yo dumb be 6 feet unna ground. oh well…
    now yo ass be burnin in hell.

  2. Goober says:


    Seems most of them are smiling because he’s dead!

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