Da Hurricane is Coming

In honor of the coming Hurricane Irene, meet Hurricane the Beast aka 12 play.
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He calls himself Hurricane and he’s from New Orleans. Pretty edgy for a male stripper.

They call him Hurricane because all he does is flip bitches.

And he loves his work.

Here he plays a sexy Transformer.

I’m guessing they transform from robots…to robots who like to fuck.

I’m warning you this Hurricane doesn’t bring rain and wind. He brings Blackberry, Du Damage, and Hipnotiq.

Actual Caption, "Blackberry!"

He’s Blackberry not just cause he’s dark and sweet.

But also because he lights up in the dark.

Actual Caption, "Ladies, this one is for you!"

You know this Blackberry is prepaid.

Actual Caption, "Hypnotic bout to do his thang (fridays male revue night)"

Here’s Hypnotic.

Actual Caption, "Put cha back into it (fridays male revue night)"

And here’s why you’re mesmerized.

Here’s another guy named Hipnotiq[link] Apparently Hipnotiq is like Dave in the black male strip community.

Actual Caption, "Du Damage in the Building"

Meet Du Damage.

Actual Caption, "yes, DU DAMAGE got me & Tia by da throat!!!"

Here’s what he Du.

Actual Caption, "Du Damage Again!!!"

And here’s the damage.

Watch out, when Hurricane is in town you’re gonna get wet.

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3 Responses to “Da Hurricane is Coming”

  1. Thomas Ledbetter says:

    What’s good I am looking for some male dancers for a huge show get back to me asap

  2. Sonya anderson says:

    I prefer Du Damage for the evening of 12-21-13. Please call me at 708-612-7877.

  3. Lady T says:

    I am looking for blackberry to preform at an event
    Please contact me at 214 6840131

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