Not Without My Daughter

She ain’t going out like Sally Field.

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8 Responses to “Not Without My Daughter”

  1. Brian says:

    One ugly bitch…must have used the gun on him to get preg.

  2. Hustlinjoe says:

    Yeah bitch look like a cracked monkey hahaha she should shoot herself

  3. Crixus says:

    It looks like it stinks in there

  4. Riley says:

    I am loving her snail trail

  5. Victrola says:


    That thing is SO ape-like!
    Could it be the “Missing Link”?

    I just hope it’s pointing to where the next round will be discharged.

  6. Chump says:

    WOW. Pure monkey.

  7. Bricksquad says:

    Wow You can see the pressure screw on the bottom.
    Its a damn bb gun.

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