ButtaFly 4: Da White Monarch

Actual Caption, "Does my azz look weird in this pic"

So in this [post] I said a butt-a-fly tat is something only black girls get. I was wrong.

Actual Caption, "i think the pink stelettos set this pic off"

Yeah, the stilletos, or the flying insect on your ass.

Butt-a-Fly in a panty cage.

Most white girls don’t get Butt-a-Fly tat, but there are reasons why they might.

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5 Responses to “ButtaFly 4: Da White Monarch”

  1. getlaid says:

    Hook with with girls that have slut tattoos on their ass http://www.laidaid.com

  2. Crixus says:

    Her little ass is looking right in that pic with the pink stilettos.

  3. DJ Jazzy Bluegums says:

    Ghetto trash coalburner.

    I bet her mommy and daddy are real, real proud.

  4. Yo Momma says:

    Only a nigger would fuck something that ugly, fat, and stupid.

  5. ryant282 says:

    Ugh! Typical mudshark white trash! She would fit in perfectly here in the White Trash Mecca of Leesburg, Florida, aka Sleazeburg or Diseaseburg.

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