Holy Thug

Father, forgive me because I have thugged.

Actual Caption, "if u cant roll a crossblunt u aint no real smoker! Get ya blunt game up nigga!"

WWJR, what would Jesus roll.

It’ll be just three Hail Mary’s for killing your bitch ass.

Yo fuck the cross, Jesus is throwing it up West Side.

Holy or not, you’re gonna to listen to a guy with a tat-ed crown of thorns.

Like Paul on the way to Damascus, he just had a thug epiphany.

We all receive the sacrament in different ways.

Actual Caption, "last supper chain"

What better way to commemorate eating good.

You need both, it just depends which one you read first.

I don’t know if he’s religious or unsure.


Were you there? Do you know for sure he didn’t have dreadlocks?

To get by with a neck tattoo, you definitely need a little luck.

Fear God? No fear guys who have a fear god face tattoo.

Some people think it’s free will, he thinks it’s prison tattoos.

Trust me he prays twice as much as you.

That’s the toughest Jesus ever. He’s doing a prison push up with the cross for extra weight.

He should pray because a lot of people are going to want to smack the back of his head.


Thug-a-fix, the best way to promote your Christian rap album.

Actual Caption, "boss hog Forgive Me Jesus 4 My Sins!"

He’s trying to be Boss Hog in this world and the next.

Religion and thuggin, you need to teach em both from an early age.

Go ahead and blast a nigga. It’s Christianity, Jesus will forgive you.

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3 Responses to “Holy Thug”

  1. hecta g. says:

    cross blunts are real?? lol, i thought it was a joke on ‘pineapple express’. perhaps he could roll me one for christmas. lol

  2. Scratcher says:

    Just add ALL the I.Q.s together of the above subjects and the sum total is……23.

    Lower than whale shit, and smells the same.

  3. Kevin says:

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