Pimp My Gun (Cachas De Oro)

Actual Caption, "cachas de oro"

Mexican’s will trick out anything, even guns. (cachas de oro means golden handles.)

Actual Caption, "UNA DE MIS GEMELITAS SD!!!"

So pretty it’s seems wrong to even shoot.

Gold gun got my crotch looking like a treasure chest an’ shit.

Actual Caption, "la de mi papa jajaja"

You know Dad’s love mercedes.

Actual Caption, "Mi remington 45-special edition. Le mande hacer cachas de oro!"

Going Stag.

Actual Caption, "MI COLLECTION"

Five of a kind is a full house.

Actual Caption, "cachas de plata"

Doesn’t believe in supersition, but does believe in Christ.

Ladies love em.

Beauty and the beast.

Actual Caption, "I luv this bby con cachas de oro y chrom"

Some of these guns are so nice you can take them on vacation.

Actual Caption, "cachas de plata y oro"

Tiger grips.

Actual Caption, "mi pistola cachas de oro"

Bang like a cholo with a cholo on your handle.

Actual Caption, "la cachas de oro"

Sleeping Beauty.

Actual Caption, "La Cachas De ORO!!!!!!!"

I already have a monogrammed suitcase. Hint, hint, my birthday is coming up soon.

Wood and Pearl for the older, more mature Narco.

That things so pretty it’s like a doily with a clip.

Actual Caption, "la chingona"

La Chingona means the Boss. Although it looks more like something you get for retirement.

Much better than a car alarm.

What are you looking at? It’s a Catholic country. No irony here.


Emilio Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary. You see all these guns are about tradition in one way or the other.

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22 Responses to “Pimp My Gun (Cachas De Oro)”

  1. Eddie Sanchez says:

    coud you get back at me plz

  2. Francisco says:

    Me puedes contactar .

  3. Craig Cuesta says:

    Cuanto por hacer catchas para Una berreta

  4. Marco says:

    Cuanto por unas cachas de oro
    A Una 9 mm

  5. mario says:

    estoy interesado en saber los precios de las cachas de plata para una 1911 citadel 45 , gracias

  6. jr says:

    cuanto por las cahas de san judas para una 22

  7. roberto carlos says:

    Cuanto por unas cachas plata y oro para una colt 45 gold cup mach iv series 80 espero sun respuesta puede mandarme fotos de cachas ya echas y los presios para desidir gracias

  8. nevarez says:

    Need more info from u. Could u give me a call back..have a few designs i would like for u to see if u are able to do.thanks

  9. nevarez says:

    Need more info from u. Could u give me a call back..have a few designs i would like for u to see if u are able to do.thanks15129020197

  10. roberto covarrubias says:

    Hola me puedes contactar necesito unas cachas para una sith $ weason .45 1911

  11. Luis Torres Felix says:

    Contacta me.

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  13. gilberto says:

    Donde pudiera mirar todo su trabajo, a
    Para mirar mas ejemplos de cachas…

  14. maggie says:

    Me gustaria mirar su trabajo y saber cuales son sus presios.

  15. pedro santibanez says:

    Quiero unas cachas d oro con K 38 en el centro con un 1/2 kt diamond between the K and 38 let me know how much. Ohh for a 1911 38 super and if I can get it washed in gold ill even do thanks.

  16. rodrigo says:

    pariente unas cachas para una 9 roger de oro que digan nayarit si pede contactarme mi nombre cris 4254358970 a que precio y haber si nos acomodamos

  17. Juan says:

    How much would it cost me to put the LV hand hold for a ruger!!

  18. Rodrigo says:

    All those guns are from Mexican drug cartel gunmen. Shame on you!

  19. marco says:

    toy interesado en unas cachas de oro con mi apeido. give me a call,email and send me your phone # gracias

  20. marco says:

    toy interesado en unas cachas de oro .mandame tu phone y email.
    mi numero 7134388153

  21. Rigo Martinez says:

    Tengo una Taurus PT940 40cal
    Cuanto cobras para hacer las cachas
    De oro? Un lado que diga CULIACAN
    Y el otro lado SINALOA. Grasias

  22. Javier Garriga says:

    Estaria interesado en unas cachas de plata para una Ruger 9mm
    Podria darme informacion,

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