Ms. Curlers

Actual Caption, "it got a scope so it ant no missin bitches"

When you’re starting beef you don’t have time to look cute.

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6 Responses to “Ms. Curlers”

  1. hecta g. says:


  2. Lumpy Chump says:

    Slightly less attractive than a rhino’s bunghole.

  3. Yes We Klan says:

    Wow, showing off a $190.00 9mm Hi Point cheapo crap carbine.
    NOT impressed.

  4. Crixus says:

    So you’re saying that bullets from a cheap gun are less likely to kill you? Its no wonder you’re in the Klan. You wouldnt meet any other organizations intelligence requirements.

  5. crixus says:

    Nerd Rage: Term used to describe extreme anger, offence, indignation, and other similar emotions by a nerd, geek or similar. Nerd Rage can be triggered by a number of things, most commonly through helplessness in the face of bullying, internet fights, or seeing their favorite film/show/anime/guns (ok, you got me, I added that one)etc,degraded or insulted in some way.

    And here I was thinking all along that racists, not too unlike their knuckle dragging, inbred forebearers, were only subject to the basest of emotions.

  6. Margareta says:

    At Wild West-themed Knott’s Berry Farm, you have your choice of a
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    James (pictured) style train robbery among others. If you do not remove
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