Santisima Muerte

Meet the Mexican Hood saint, Lady Death.

Things aren’t going well when people start worshiping Death.

She’s definitely not sanctioned by the Catholic Church.

And you definitely don’t give her the normal offerings.

Muerte don’t care if you leave the price tags on.

You know Lady Death love a loosey.

If you want protection from bad men who you gonna ask, the faggot in a robe, or the smoking skull?

She’s not a normal saint so don’t celebrate her the normal way.

It’s like that old saying you’re body is a temple…to death.

Ladies make him use the other hand.

A polite way to tell someone you’re a bad driver.

In case you can’t tell she’s got a hood following.

Death always gets paid.

And if the hood loves you, you’re golden.

Actual Caption, "la santisima muerte"

You’re not hood famous till you’re on a gun.

I’d say the more you give Santisima Muerte…

…The more dangerous of a life you live.

He’s just covering his bases with the crosses.

Santisima Muerte please allow us to drop an album immediately.

Santisima Muerte please protect me from punches at the Mexican Hardcore show I’m about to attend.

I know she can be a little intimidating.

She’s still less terrifying to kids than a clown.

And when she wants to she can dress like a real lady.

When Jesus is too scared to help the hood, call Santisima Muerte.

It can’t hurt your chances.

Remember: “Santisima Muerte, todo lo puede.” Death can do anything.

When shit gets bad Death finishes first.

Next week we’ll meet the guy on the left, the Narco-Saint Jesus Malverde.

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  1. o j lucero says:

    que bonito , quisiera comprar la santisima minimo 24″ donde la puedo comsiguir? gracias

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