Happy Halloween

YouTube Preview ImageListen to this while you look at the pics.

Happy Halloween from GhettoMyspace.

Actual Caption, "happy halloween nigga lol"

These people are nightmares.

Point Break 2: Robbin Liquor Stores

If you scream, yous a bitch.

Actual Caption, "Pussy monsta"

All kinds of monstas are loose.

He is the scary shit under his bed.

Actual Caption, "Its that nigga wit the Halloween lip!!"

For some people Halloween is year round.

Everyone celebrates it differently.

Live it up, cause Da Club ain’t closed on Halloween.

It’s hard to tell whats a costume and whats thuggin.

Gucci Mane meet Wolf Mane.

Very convincing costume.

Actual Caption, "this is my stupid brother in law rick he was a nigga for halloween 06!"

Well this won’t sit well with anyone.

Be Careful tonight.

In da hood even Death has a glock.

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2 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Keyway says:

    What would Halloween be without SPOOKS?

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