Cock Fightin’

Welcome to the world of cockfighting.

Actual Caption, "pelea de gallos en bayamo granama cuba"

In case you’re wondering, it’s a lot more common outside America.

Actual Caption, "aqui nomas jugando $800 dolaritos"

And it’s lucrative. I’m pretty sure 800 dolaritos goes pretty far in any place with dolaritos.

Actual Caption, "my dad with his rooster!making him jump up to his arm!"

It’s also a family tradition.

Actual Caption, "mi abuelito TOMAS TOPETE"

Sometimes going back 3 generations.

You tell me that kid doesn’t love animals.

Bird stables.

Training Camp.

Actual Caption, "FERIA DE SAN MARCOS"

A fight at feria is a big deal: YouTube Preview Image
But before the feria you gotta start in the backyard, the bird trenches:

Actual Caption, "mi colorado de nombre ramiro"

Ramiro’s Fight Manager.

Wind them up and let em go.

Rock em Sock em Roosters

Okay boys break it up.

Enough shit talking, let’s get it on.

Shove your animal rights bullshit aside, it’s an exciting sport.

Actual Caption, "puros gallos de JALISCO"

Like the two Monday Night Football helmets about to crash.

If  you see this, and all you can think is cock fighting is terrible, you are dead inside.

You want to commerate the big events in your life.

Lets meet the champions:

Actual Caption, "gallo de chucho 3 victorias"

Chucho has got 3 wins, a newbie.

Actual Caption, "Mi gallo de pelea. Tiene 4 peleas ganada y va para la quinta"

An up and comer with 4 wins and going for his 5th.

Actual Caption, "5 peleas ganas invicto mi giro alias el marihuano"

Marihuano Rivera, the ultimate closer with 5 wins.

Actual Caption, "ESTE ROJITO 6 PELEAS"

Rojito has 6 wins, no wonder he looks so proud.


Blacky Lawless with 7 wins. Whose gonna top that?

Actual Caption, "MI GALLO BLANCO 10 PELEA"

10 wins for the Thin White Duke. Who’d thought this little guy would have 10 fights without a scratch.

You might not like it, but it’s better than the last 3 Tyson fights.

If rednecks can have guns, then mexicans should be allowed to have roosters.

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2 Responses to “Cock Fightin’”

  1. hecta g. says:

    hahahha. i think i might be related to some of these guys someway or another. LOL.

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