Buddy Cops

Vice Squad, cruisin’ for perps and pussy.

One of them does it by the book, the other one can’t read.

Actual Caption, "staccs and straps"

Staccs and Straps, like Tango and Cash without the faggot dancing.

Wendy and Bendy, they’re in charge of masturbation crimes.

Rookie and tha Police Chief: The newest cop on the force just got a tough assignment, make his boss a wigger.

Smokes and Skins, they just don’t give a fuck.

Bossman and Rudolph, guess which one is the crazy one.

Robbin Hoods, it’s not stealing if they rob criminals.

Sawed off and Carol, the force is gonna learn the meaning of Wifey Material.

Sgt. Homo and Tatz: Burglary just got Fabulous!

Truant Officers, they’re the only kids who get to be off tha hook.

Kid Genius and Camo. Mendoza better watch out, the best cop on the force has a secret weapon, a kid who makes secret weapons.

Torres and Cruz, magazine renewal squad.

Father and Son Cops. The only question is whose turn is it to take out the trash.

Swishers and Sweaters used to be detectives. Now they’re gonna put the authority in Parking Authority.

Lady Cop and Father Fat Stacks, the paranormal is about to get got.

They left your rights in their other bandannas.

It’s like Moonlighting, they fight but they really like each other.

Like all good buddy cops, they have different styles, but they’re after the same thing.

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One Response to “Buddy Cops”

  1. hecta g. says:

    i like this series. buddy cops got a nice ring to it. lol. friends forever.

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