Dat Prom Shit

Actual Caption, "FLY NIGGA IN PROM"

And what does being a fly nigga in prom entail?

Being a mix of klansmen and a satin elf.

With those outfits I think you know whats coming:

Put in the twist.

Shake it up.

Grab your nuts.

And shoot a bitch.

Actual Caption, '"ME AND MA BABYMOTHER"

In case you couldn’t tell he’s a family man.

Actual Caption, "KEMAR && JOPDINE 4EVA"

4eva is definitely not as long as forever.

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4 Responses to “Dat Prom Shit”

  1. hecta g says:

    the sad part is, they actually think they look good.

  2. Raze says:

    What a hot, steaming mess.

  3. Bombardier says:

    The pointed hoods part was funny…. looks like Klan hoods.

  4. jimmy says:

    there the ray charles cover band

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