R.I.P. Murda

I guess guys named Murda live a high risk lifestyle.

why murda man i see u wen i get there hommie

Heaven, it’s God’s glitter graphic.

rip young murda, young murda records cumin soon

The circle of life. You can’t kill this many Murdas without creating a new hip-hop label.

For more Murda, see last week (http://getdangoodman.com/archives/9871)

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9 Responses to “R.I.P. Murda”

  1. hecta g. says:

    i love the ‘murda’ blogs.

  2. Dubs says:

    The irony of this is hilarious.

  3. Cereal_Killer says:

    Ganstas- stand together die by your damn self!

  4. mossberg590 says:

    they “self aborted ” them selves, thank god for the sickle cell ! also its funny to see whiggers on this page lol !

  5. Rick Moranis says:

    Hahahhahahahahah. I could listen to you retards all day. Get a real job, spell check and a different mentor. This is why federal debt/deficits exists, because of all of the meat heads that support people like Murda. Stop filling jails, being shit parents and actually help the economy instead of fucking it up.

  6. Tax Payer says:

    Why do people name themselves Murda? Do you kill people? If so, I hope you rot in hell. It is un-fucking believable how troubled parts of society are. Why does the gangsta lifestyle never seem to yield a good result? Oh, I almost forgot, because you act exactly the opposite of the people with nice families, houses and lives. Figure it out. I love the photo of the guy with the machine gun. Just a disaster.

  7. Tax Payer says:

    What about the guy “we jus hit 4 da choppa”. Hahahahajhahaha. What a mess. You won’t be bragging about your banana clip in the slammer. Pull your fucking pants up. Lol.

  8. HAHHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHHA…RIP BABBI. Shoppin for gold grills. Keep posting this shit so I can keep howling at how ass-backwards your road to success is from reality. Murda 4 Life!!! lol….You fucking joke! I cant wait for the new record company and the sight of your new strait brim new era hat with all the stickers and tags still on it….hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahah and

  9. Let me know when the first 48 episode is gonna drop!!!!!

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