Homo Thug

Hat to the the back, man on the behind.

Who dat is!

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5 Responses to “Homo Thug”

  1. hecta g. says:

    am i gay for commenting on how gay this is? lol, this is super gay doggy. pfft.

  2. Raze says:

    Man 1: “Yo,I’mma need you to oil me down, homie.” Man 2: “Uhh, I know we’re good friends and all, but…”
    Man 1: ” Mothafucka jus do this shit fo’ I have ta’ bust a cap in yo ass!”
    Man 2: “Uhh…*frowns in disgust* ok, but…”
    Man 1: “Yeah dats right, mm ya, make sure you get my shoulder blades and luscious ass.”
    Man 2: *nearly crying* “Like this?”
    Man 1: “Yeah now step back and take a picture of me looking all sexy like Foxy Brown and shit. This is for da niggas on da block. Shout out to Murda, all 50 of y’all” *blows kisses*

  3. G $$$ says:

    @Hecta – I feel the same way…I can’t stop laughin and I don’t want to keep lookin’ at it but it is just so funny. @ Raze – Funny dialogue but I think man 2 is laughing and enjoying this madness.

  4. mossberg590 says:

    he has been in jail a little too much to think he looks sexy ! lol

  5. grundelmonster says:

    this is the only natural pace for a nigger, at the sodomous will of the least of the master race

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